I am so happy to see you on my blog, a blog that is completely and fully dedicated to one of the best browser games out there – Doge Miner 2 (an unblocked version of it to be more precise)

If you love calm games, with no rush, no hassle, no headache, etc. then Doge Miner is definitely a top choice for you. It is safe to assume that this game belongs to the clicking games category, I know that this category is not as popular as for example – sports games, racing games, or shooting games, but it can change from now on since we have this game on the internet.

So what makes it so special and outstanding? I would say that there is not one specific aspect that can be called a game-changer, but it is rather a combination of small details that in total can bring an outstanding gaming experience to a lot of us. It has many different units, each unit has its own upgrade path, various artifacts, currencies, special rewards, etc. It would take a lot of time to list all of the options from this game, let’s just break each aspect into smaller pieces and discuss them below, shall we?

The start of the game is probably the dullest and most boring part of the game, the main reason for this is that at this point you don’t have units under your control, you don’t have any artifacts or anything, all you can do is the hard work, by clicking on the gold ore with your bare hands. Don’t worry, after making a couple of essential upgrades and tons of mouse clicks you will have the opportunity to get your first automatic harvester. At this point, things will get a lot more easier and you won’t have to destroy your mouse.

Gold ore
We have one big chunk of the gold ore in the game, this is our main target and it has some sort of percentages to it, yup, this is an indicator of your current progress. Once the percentage drops to zero you will get your reward and the possibility to get more cash and the option to hire better workers. Apart from this, you will get pretty cool rewards and unique items, some of them are rare and valuable, test your luck along the way!

One of the best things that this game can offer you is the possibility to upgrade your units endlessly. There are so many paths that you can take, so many new units, different parameters, etc. Seriously, when it comes to clicking games I think that Doge Miner 2 is number one when in terms of variety and complexity. It is like a different world, with its own rules, own logic and I can’t stress enough how important it is to make the right decisions and how much it can benefit your progress.

By the way, quite often new possible upgrades are dropped from gold ore, don’t miss the moment and click on the upgrade as soon as it pops out!

This game won’t leave you disappointed no matter what, just be patient with the starting point of the game, and in no time, you will jump into the world of endless mining possibilities, and sooner or later you will reach all-time highs, you will reach the moon!